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21 Nov 2016

How to keep your friends close to you

Every once in a while, people get scared that they are going to lose the people that are close to them. We are not talking about fatalities, but rather getting out of touch with your friends and destroying the relationship.

The importance of friendship

Everyone needs friends, no matter whether it is just to have someone to spend quality time with or help you battle the notorious post house removal depression, or to share a hobby with. Building relationships comes quite naturally to people, but that does not mean that you should not know a thing or two about how to nourish and make them better and more lasting.READ MORE

03 Nov 2016
Tips Image

Last minute tips for moving day

The moving day has arrived. Now that you are all packed up and ready for the movers to come, you are probably wondering if every is taken care of. Perhaps certain tasks are overlooked or you haven’t prepared completely in a psychological sense and you just need some advice on how to reduce the stress during this important day.READ MORE

16 Oct 2016

Top six moving mistakes

Moving mistakes are common in people who have no moving experience. However, there are ways to avoid those mistakes and move your belongings in a safe and quick way. Check out the following list of mistakes people make when moving.

  1. Not planning and organizing

You should plan every step of your removal process about 3 months before your removal date. Make a schedule, create a budget plan, hire movers, take care of paper work, etc. proper planning is the key to having a successful removal and a positive moving experience. If you think you are not up to this task, hire professional moving company, like Titan Removals, for your removal in Redbridge for example, that will take care of planning and other tasks concerning removal.

  1. Not shopping around for a moving company

Sometimes people who move have no time to research moving companies and get several quotes, or on-site estimates. For a successful removal, you need to get quotes from multiple moving companies. You have so many choices but competition is fierce and if you do proper research you will find a company that will meet your requirements at affordable rate. Take your time and check testimonials, references and customer reviews, removal history, quotes, ask your friends for recommendation, check if they are licenced and DOT registered, etc.

  1. Hiring the cheapest moving company

Yes, we all want to save money when hiring a moving company, but hiring the company that is the cheapest is not the right solution. This is the easiest way to get scammed. You get your rate, but suddenly additional fees and charges start piling up. You end up paying double and they will return your belongings after you pay the bill. Be careful and, as mentioned above, do a thorough research of the moving company and try not to hire the one that offer cheap removals.

  1. Packing day before the removal

professional moversThis is probably the most common moving mistake. Packing requires time and preparations and you cannot pack everything one day before removal. You should start packing two weeks before removal, at least. First you need to figure out how much packing material you will need and how to pack and wrap your belongings, especially fragile items. It is recommended that you check tips on packing for removal to get the job done timely and properly.

  1. Not moving valuable and irreplaceable items with you

Another common moving mistake people make is deciding to load their valuable and irreplaceable items onto the moving truck instead of keeping them close to themselves. Such items, such as silverware, jewellery, important documents, and other should be in kept safe in your car during removal. This is because the insurance will not cover the cost of such items in case they get lost, damaged or stolen.

  1. Signing the contract without understanding it
  2. Rule #1: never sign a document you haven’t read and understood
  3. Rule #2: ask for a contract few days before removal
  4. Rule #3: if necessary, ask for help when it comes to understanding
  5. Rule #4: never sigh a blank document
  6. Rule #5: read everything, including the fine print
28 Sep 2016

Types of vacations

All of us dream for the perfect vacation and we get really excited when it’s near. Depending on our wishes and prefers, there are so many different options for relaxation or interesting activities. Usually holidays are the time when we travel the most but it could be due to a various reasons such as:

  • Spa & relax
  • Hiking
  • Tourism
  • Sunbathing
  • Cuisine
  • Nature


08 Sep 2016
Carboard recycling

Green Rules – Thinking Green During Your Removal

People who live green are environmentally aware and they are living and working according to the green rules. Their goal is to reduce greenhouse gases, ensure proper waste removal, use biodegradable materials, save energy and resources, etc. But, when it comes to removal, there are also green ways to get the moving process done, form the beginning to the end. Check the following ideas and tips that will help you stay green during removal.

Less belongings, less wastage

Having less belongings to move means spending less time to move them. This seems obvious. However, this also means that you will spend less gas to do so. Therefore, before removal you should get rid of the things you don’t need or use anymore. Why would you bother to pack and move items you are not going to use anyway, which will eventually end up in the trash bin or elsewhere? So, you can sell some of the stuff, or donate to schools or shelters.


26 Aug 2016

Useful Hacks for Serial Movers

Moving from one place to another can be a time-consuming and stressful experience. That is namely why people spend so much time looking for the ideal home in the first place. Most of us simply prefer to spend years in a nice house or an apartment instead of reliving the nightmarish process of packing and unpacking over and over again. But then there are the so-called “serial movers” who frequently find themselves in a new home. That is usually due to their nomad nature or to a career that requires them to travel a lot and relocate every few months. Here are some key hacks for those of you who classify themselves as serial movers:READ MORE

08 Aug 2016

6 Tips for Relocating your Business

Moving a business or office can be so much more difficult than moving a home
. Planning and preparing are the
most important elements of the entire moving process. It is wise to create a list that will keep
you and your moving company on track. Also, make sure that everything on your list is completed properly and timely.


21 Jul 2016
Rio de Janeiro

What is the type of town for you?

While we do not choose where to be born we have a lot more say in where we can live later when we are adults. Unfortunately even then many people do not decide themselves and have other factors determine the location of their settlement. Maybe only after retirement we can truly pick where to go. Since every person is different and there are many types of characters, there are also various cities in the world which offer us a number of things

Noisy people even as they get older are still pretty loud and lively. This does not necessarily mean that they will live in a large city but more often than not, this is the case. Move to a place such as Munich or Berlin if you are serious about your career and want to be somewhere densely populated. Another option is to go to Rio if you are fluent in Portuguese and love loudness. It is a great city to spend money and have fun but you should also watch out because the crime rates in Rio are alarming. It can be a dangerous place to have a house. If you look east then Tokyo is a buzzing place with many professional services and incredible business opportunities. Again the culture is different but you have the chance of making a name for yourself if you work with tenacity and respect.


13 Jul 2016
Human migration

Human Migration – What it is & Types of Migration

Human migration is one of the oldest civilizational processes, man has been moving from one place to another since the dawn of time. Reasons for migration vary greatly, but the overall purpose of the process is for people to move and settle in a better geographical location. The official so to say definition of human migration is the permanent change of residence of an individual or group. However, migration doesn’t cover moves such as nomadism, migrant labour and tourism which are only temporary or transitory in nature. Migration should not be confused with immigration or emigration, which are two distinctly different processes. Migration is something people have been doing for thousands of years. Throughout the ages history has witnessed a number of so called great migrations, the results of which can still be seen today.


30 Jun 2016
National Gallery

The top five museums in London

London, being the global city that it is, marks not only rapid increase in its population every year, despite the outrageous property and rent prices. London is also a very prominent tourist destination. The large museums that are located all over the territory of the capital attract a great deal of those visitors, so let’s just take a look at the top five among them, ranked in accordance to the number of people who visit them on an annual basis.