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12 Apr 2016

Being a makeup artist

In the past makeup artists mostly specialised in scenic makeup for all actresses, shows and telenovelas. Today there are different types of maquillage for specific occasions so the artists can be separated into directions, depending what they are good in, for example beauty makeup and cinema makeup. In order to be a professional artist you have to get a certificate from an academy.

Make upNowadays you can prepare at home before the learning course, because of the beauty vloggers on the Internet. They are usually people who already have experience in the field and they can give you very accurate advices and present you some techniques. A lot of young ladies are inspired by these videos and start practicing on themselves. The influence from these experts, who spare the time for explaining, can’t be bad, because they teach you how to avoid common mistakes in order to look prettier. Usually these vloggers have a real job as a makeup artist, so you can contact them if you need professional makeup for a special event. Lately the bridal makeup has become an essential part of the whole ceremony, due to the development of the digital camera. When you are at a photoshoot, there are a lot of lights and projectors, which means that your makeup has to make your face perfect for photos. Sometimes you look like a ghost on a photo but when you look in the mirror you seem to be flawless. The job of the makeup artist is to highlight and contour different areas of the face in order for you to look astonishing not only when you say ‘I do’ but also on your ‘memories’ in the album.

Makeup artists tend to have enormous collections of makeup and this is not because you need so many products to create a glam look but because they are obsessed in a positive way. Of course it is acceptable that when you work with a lot of people you need different shades of everything, but when you are satisfied with a product you want to buy more and more every day. Imagine what would happen if you need to move out of your workplace or home and there is a whole room full of makeup. You will need dozens of boxes to pack every palette, lighting and mirrors in bubble wrap, because they break easily. When you plan something like this, you may even need professional help, but not from your colleagues makeup artist but from removal company’s. If you spend so much money on beauty products, you don’t want to lose them.

Professional makeup artists are an important part of every fashion week, movie, TV show, they are part of your life, no matter whether you use their services or learn from them. They take care of your face which represents you and this is why celebrities have their own stylists and makeup artist. That’s the reason this is one of the highest payed crafts and professions of all.

05 Apr 2016

The best ways to relax after a home removal

Traditional UK houseThere are tons of useful tips on how you should approach your upcoming home removal so that you do not become a subject of much stress and strain and complete the job smoothly. The only problem is that no matter how well you prepare and how good your moving company is, a home relocation remains a stressful, strenuous and time-consuming job. That is why at the end of the moving day you will inevitably feel exhausted and your nerves would be strained. Have no fear, there are several things that you can do in order to make it possible for you to distress.

  • Once you have arrived at your new home and before you settle out to unpack all the boxes and assemble your furniture, take the first night to make a quiet dinner for you and your family. Going to a nearby restaurant might sound like an appealing idea, but in fact it might be better for you to stay where you are and soak in the atmosphere of your new place. It would be a romantic experience, especially since most of your kitchen appliances and even the dining table might still be packed, so you will have to eat on the floor something pre-cooked. Light a few candles and talk about the future with some nice relaxing music playing in the background.
  • Go out and explore your new place of residence. Meet the neighbors, check out the local amenities or go to a local museum or historical site. Make a weekend out of shopping for the essentials that you are going to need for your new home. If you turn your basic duties as a fresh homeowner into a game, it will all be completed faster, in a more pleasant and fulfilling manner. Respectively, you are not going to subject neither you, nor the rest of your family to unnecessary stress and/or strain.
  • Plan a housewarming party. Invite your friends and have them help you prepare a delicious dinner. There is no better way to turn a place into the home of your dreams that no let all the positive vibes of having people you love around you soak into the place. Since you are more than likely to be tired from all the packing and moving you had to go through in the past weeks, there is no need at all to make a huge bash out of the affair. The important thing is to find a distraction from all the problems you still need to figure out a solution to, and a housewarming party is probably the best way to proceed.
  • Plan how you are going to change the place – what paint you are going to use in the bedroom, how you are going to arrange the living room etc. so that your new home becomes entirely up to your taste and vision about the house of your dreams. Then get down to work and actually make it happen. It is going to be just as fulfilling as it sounds.
29 Mar 2016

Self-driving lorries – the future of the industry

The latest batch of technology may very well bring a radical change in the industry of professional removals. Ever since several years ago it was announced that Google – and then Tesla – is working on self-driving cars, e.g. vehicles that do not require a person steering the driving wheel, rumors began to spread that in addition to personal vehicles the new technology is going to be applied in lorries used for transportation of goods as well. Recently a plan for testing those new self-driving lorries on British soil was announced.

LorriesSelf-driving lorries may very well bring a revolution in the business. The model, as experts envision it, sounds nearly ideal. The idea is that those trucks, once loaded, are going to travel in packs, like a caravan. Just a meter or so is going to be the distance between each vehicle and neither of it would require an experienced driver, because the GPS system and the other advanced gadgets that are going to be on board would be sufficient to do the work. This will radically reduce the costs of the removal being underway, and would probably mean faster and safer transportation. There are some problems however.

First and foremost, many voices of concern have been heard about the intimidation factor such groups of large vehicles travelling together would have on regular participants in the traffic. Since the self-driving lorries are going to travel on a route that has been pre-programmed there is a high risk of incidents because there are many variables on the road, as any experienced driver can tell you, variables that cannot be envisioned in full by computer programs. The real problem is that the self-driving technology is still far from perfect. Tests are carried out as we speak and as you can imagine, accidents are far from being a thing from the past.

The risks for other drivers on the road, as well as those of traffic-jams and so on may have a novel solution however, proponents of the self-driving lorries project say. There would be a specially designated lane on roads on which such vehicles would be allowed to travel, a lane that is going to be reserved exclusively for them. As for the imperfections in the technology that is standing behind the self-driving vehicles, and the self-driving lorries in particular, the same proponents say that with some more work they would be straightened out. We are left to wonder if that is indeed the case.

While tests on self-driving lorries are planned for some time in 2016, we are still more than certain the age when skilled experienced drivers to help you with you with your home removal would be obsolete is a thing of the far future.

Self driving lorries – pros and cons

More efficiency

Reduced price for removals

Possibly safer

Faster completion of large-scale moving projects

Would be expensive the built the necessary road infrastructure

The technology is still far from advanced

Legitimate safety concerns

22 Mar 2016

Furniture Assembly and Stores

Relocating is a big ordeal but many people find something to be happy about when it comes to moving. If you are just moving to a new apartment it is understandable for you to be hyped because you might look at it as a new beginning. Others hate packing and unpacking as well as dealing with moving and assembling furniture.

Furniture AssemblyWell, if you are going to be occupying a brand new place then it is probably empty. It will be up to you to furnish it and arrange everything. This means that you will need to spend hours choosing the new stuff and then ordering it from one or more furniture stores. All of that is fine but you do realise that most of the furniture usually doesn’t come assembled unless you buy from an antique store, right? After you have everything delivered to you, you will now need to unpack it and follow the instructions that come with the manual provided. Stores such as IKEA have created a blossoming business with light furniture that the customer needs to assemble at home. They’ve taken it to a whole new level nowadays by making you assemble even the smallest of parts that they could have done easily. Their furniture resembles the toy you find inside of a Kinder Surprise. Many people on the Internet make fun of IKEA and that was visible especially around their anniversary. A user had posed a photo of a broken egg in a bowl, a couple of spoons of flour, some water in a glass along with a box of sugar and some forks and a rolling pin. The photo had the caption “Here IKEA, I made you a cake for your birthday”. It was a witty way of showing how the store just gives you the parts and expects you to do the whole work.

Many furniture chains will give you a hand with the assembling but it will most likely cost you extra. If you don’t want to pay than you need to read carefully or simply call a couple of friends or relatives. This way you can make a day out of it if nothing else.

As you move the removal companies might offer furniture assembly as a service too. These movers nowadays are very functional and they don’t only transport goods for you. They clean and dispose of waste, they also help you pack and unpack. In fact some of them specialise in furniture assembly and might even have this type of assistance included in the price. When you hire a company ask them for their full range of services and see what offers they have for you.

If you feel confident enough, then by all means tackle this challenge yourself. After you put together one or two wardrobes and beds you will have decent enough knowledge and should be able to handle this task easily. It’s up to you to decide how much fun you will have doing it – if it is not enjoyable, then leave it to the pros.

17 Mar 2016

The best places to live around the world

People imagine their dream home in different ways according to their world-view and personal preferences. One thing is certain though, no one is going to turn down an offer to move homes to some of those destinations:

  • Greek IslandsSome island in Greece. Now, the Greek islands have become synonymous with paradise with many people. What’s not to love – great climate, good food, and astonishing Mediterranean atmosphere. There is little room left to wonder why some of the richest people in the world buy mansions or whole islands here. When you start living in such a place, you forget about the world filled with hassle and stress, the dog-race and all the problems, because you have left all of that behind, on the mainland.
  • The Nordic countries. You are definitely going to love Sweden, Finland and Norway if you have no problem with the cold. Surely, the taxes here are much higher than one might be inclined to pay at first, but it all comes with great healthcare, astounding nature, infrastructure and much more. We are certain that there is no such thing as a perfect state, but if there was, it would be in Northern Europe.
  • South of France is the place where you will truly know what the good life is all about. Imagine a small villa in an even smaller village in the countryside. The good food and the good people (despite what they are all saying about the French). The coast would be near to you, and the work week is a mere 35 hours! France is a country with rich culture and long history that have influenced the way we think, work and live more than one can imagine. So you will definitely find a lot of pleasant surprises here!
  • For the younger and more adventurous individuals out there, we might recommend a city like Istanbul. The old Constantinople is like something straight out of a fairy-tale. The city has been the capital of two empires and continuous to be both a major tourist attraction and financial centre for these parts of the world. Built on a place where Europe and Asia meet, Istanbul is a mix of cultures and even ages that create a truly magical atmosphere you will be enamored with from the first step you take here. Not everyone can live here, that is for sure, but if you can, then you should not miss your chance at any expense.
  • Well, this is not so obvious, especially if you are already based out here, but living in London comes with a lot of benefits (property prices are not one of them though) – business, education and culture are all thriving here. One thing is certain – you will never be bored or left without opportunities while you are in London. And of course, when you come to think of it, despite the ungodly prices for rent and buying an apartment here, home removals are actually pretty easy and well accommodated.
09 Mar 2016

Do We Need Good Neighbours?

Yes, yes, this is a topic that has been discussed widely throughout history of mankind or at least history of neighbours. We should agree straight away that there aren’t perfect neighbours and that sooner or later something will go wrong. And by that we mean that even if you do not confront them openly regarding something they will at least start doing the “little” things that you do not know about. Some of them are overhearing what you and your family discuss at dinner or in the yard, calling the police on you for disturbing the peace, not letting you build that fancy little tree-house in the yard as it will block their view and so on. But we shouldn’t be negative and this is why we must stay focused on the “good neighbour”part.

Things for which you can go to your neigbour

SuburbsIt is going to sound a little bit cynical but there are many “uses” for neighbours. The fellas that live next door can help you with a number of things when you are in need and you by all means shouldn’t pass on that. Sure, it is good if you only return the favour when you are asked but that’s a topic of another conversation. For now try to get as much as possible from them. You can ask them to help with:

  • Repairs
  • Renovation
  • Transportation

Most things concerning your house or yard many times require professional help. Let’s say you are looking to repaint the whole facade of your building. Well, that’s going to cost you and if you are on good terms with the people who live next to you, you can always go to them and kindly suggest that if they help you paint your house, you will enjoy a friendly barbecue in your back yard afterwards. If that doesn’t help – offer them money! No, don’t do that – it is a joke. More often than not they will agree to help expecting you to do the same later.

Another big thing is removals or moving services. Even if you aren’t leaving the house for good, refurnishing or renovating can become a pain if you do not have enough people included in the process. Instead of getting professional removal services you can go to your neighbours and again offer something in return for their help. You then should be able to carry all the heavy things and move them from A to B without the need to pay a ton of money. Of course some specific things are better left to companies who do domestic removals because many times you won’t know how to handle the good in question and you might break or damage something.

Let everybody bond together

The best way to become close with your neighbours are kids. Let children play and go to school together. The chemistry between them will soon transition to the adults and you will find yourself spending more time together with the other family.

06 Mar 2016

Five of the Oldest Buildings in London

London is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe as it was founded by the Romans in 43AD. This explains why the English capital is home to some of the oldest edifices in the United Kingdom. Here are some of the most ancient structures in London.

  1. St. Bride – The church of St. Bride dates back to the 6th century. It was constructed by the Cristians on a sacred site which was dedicated to the Celtic goddess of fertility, Brigit. Since its foundation the building has suffered numerous damages during the Great Fire of London and the German bombs raids of World War II. Despite all the calamities the edifice has survived the test of time as it has been restored after each accident. Many would say that the church of St. Bride is a must visit attraction in London, so as soon as your relocation is over make sure that you explore it. You can ease your move by using certified removal services.
  2. Temple of MithrasTemple of Mithras – As we mentioned above the English capital was founded by the Roman and the Temple of Mithras was also established by them somewhere around the 2nd century BC. The remains of the edifice were discovered on Walbrook Street during reconstruction works after the end of the Second World War. The temple is dedicated to the Persian god of light and its layout shows that it had:
  • A sunken nave
  • An alter with a pathway that was flanked by pillars
  • A ritual well
  1. All Hallows by the Tower – Also known as the All Hallows of Barking this church was once dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin. It is an Anglican church and was founded during the second half of the 7th century. It is credited to be the oldest religious building in the city and is home to one of the best preserved 7th century Saxon arches. The feature is made from recycled Roman tiles and attracts both local and foreign travelers. All Hallows by the Tower is built on an ancient Roman paved road. The thoroughfare was discovered during the mid-1920s.
  2. Chapel of the Pyx – More commonly known as the Pyx Chamber this structures is located inside the world famous Westminster Abbey and is believe to date back to the mid-11th century. However there are historians that claim that the room is actually much older. It was originally built to serve as a sacristy in Edward the Confessor’s Church. Since then the chamber has served several purposes including a royal treasury and monastic. The chapel is home to ancient treasure chest which originate from the 13th and 14th centuries. So, make sure that you visit the Pyx Chamber during your tour of the Westminster Abbey. Exploring the room will be a great way to recharge your batteries after your removal to London.
  3. Tower of London – The oldest fortress in London was built by William the Conqueror. It is also the location of the oldest well in the English capital. In modern days the Tower of London (in the borough of Tower Hamlets, right by the Thames) is one of the city’s most visited landmarks as it houses the Crown Jewels.
29 Feb 2016

Quirky Facts about London Foreigners Find Amusing

If you have been living in London for a while, you might know some of those things, or even all of them, but according to many opinions that are to be found over travelling forums on the Internet, non-Londoners, and foreign tourists in particular find the following things to be rather curious and even funny:

  • London LandmarksThere are at least a hundred pubs in London that have been around at least since the 19th All of them claim that Charles Dickens has been a regular and that he even got the inspiration for certain novels of his there. Bearing in mind the reputation that the great Victorian novelist had about his drinking prowess we would not be surprised at all if those claims have something to do with reality.
  • The red Routemaster double-decker buses are nowhere to be found in London today. Well, that is not particularly newsworthy, having in mind that the Transport for London retired the iconic double-decker from general service in 2005. Despite this the  Routemaster has become an enduring symbol of London and Britain in the mind of foreigners from all over the world and that is still the first thing that comes to mind when they hear about London. Hollywood has much to do with this too – it was just a couple of weeks ago when an authentic  Routemaster was blown to pieces as part of the new Jacky Chan film and caused some confusion. Even though Transport for London kept some  Routemaster in use for the old time’s sake for a number of years after the official retirement, they completely discontinued the use in 2014 due to lack of patronage.
  • Londoners are not as cocky as they say they are. In the past decades the capital has become one of the largest cities in the world. Thousands of people come to live here on a daily basis, and this leads not only to a boom in the business of companies specializing in professional removals, but also to a diversification of the city’s demographics. Londoners today are more open-minded and welcoming to new ideas and cultures than ever before, and to a large extent the reason for that lies in the fact that they live in such a vibrant and colorful scene.
  • The traffic is not that bad. Well, this one is a bit surprising, bearing in mind how often we complain about problems with the traffic. It turns out however that London has it much easier than other cities in Europe, some of which even considerably smaller. The well adjusted railway and Tube system and the well thought city plan (can you believe it?) have proven to be rather beneficial for the traffic in the capital. The fact that one can reach the City from any point for some half an hour via train is also something that surprises many tourists and visitors of the capital. It looks like there are certain benefits to being the birthplace of the steam engine.
22 Feb 2016

Five Reasons to Move to London

If you are still wondering whether or not you have made the right choice with the upcoming house removal to London, we would be glad to provide you with a number of random reasons why you should consider yourself lucky to be having the opportunity to settle down in our nation’s capital.

  1. Charing Cross, LondonLondon is where everyone is. Seriously, we are talking about a huge multi-cultural metropolis where you can find people from all across the globe living, working and enjoying themselves. Think about a country, culture or religion and you are guaranteed you will find at least a dozen representatives of it in your immediate area in London.
  2. London is the most financially and economically important city in the world. The annual turnover of the stock market exchange in the City of London combined with the revenues of large multi-national companies that are based out in the capital has been on top of any chart for the past decades. Now that Canary Wharf is also on the rise, no other place on the planet will be able to rival with London. If you are hoping to make it big in the world of business, or at least find a steady and lucrative employment in some of the thousands of big companies that you can find here, you will be happy with the opportunities that London is giving you.
  3. London is the place to be if you want to enjoy yourself. There are few other destinations that are so much closely associated with nightlife and entertainment than London. At least in the country there is no other. Clubs, bars and discos, all is in abundance both in the East End and the West End of London. Or you can go to one of the dozens historic pubs that are to be found all over the metropolitan area. No matter what you choose, you will definitely have fun.
  4. London is the world’s cultural capital. Did you know that last year more tickets were sold for theatre plays than for the game of the Premiership League? Even if we set theatre aside we would be left with countless galleries, festivals, concerts, museums and so on and so forth for you to pick up from. You will be doing your soul and spiritual life a favor by choosing to live in London.
  5. London is the right place for you to further your education. There are quite a few colleges and universities for you to choose from, and most of them are on the top of their kind. University College London, The Royal College of Medicine, The Royal College of Performing Arts and so many others have their campuses here. No matter what your interests and pursuits in life are, you will be able to get great education here in London.

So, the main reasons to choose any other city over another – work, education and fun – are all present in London. Don’t wait any longer – pack your bags and go.

15 Feb 2016

Things That You Can Do in Britain During the Winter

The weather may be cold and unwelcoming during the winter but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy a trip to the United Kingdom. Here are several things and attractions that you cannot pleasantly experience in Britain during the winter season.

Eden ProjectEden Project: The Eden Project is a greenhouse that is located in Cornwall. The site was completed in 2000 and was officially opened to the public in 2001. It is housed in two biomes which are built from steel frames which are covered with hundreds of pentagonal and hexagonal, inflated plastic cells. The largest dome mimics the climatic features of a rainforest while the smaller replicated the Mediterranean environment. This means that while it may be cold outside, you will feel quite cozy and warm while you are exploring the numerous plans and flowers that are showcased at the site. Another greenhouse that you can visit during the English winter is Kew Gardens in London.

Celtic Connections – The first Celtic Connections festival was held during January, 1994 and since then it has been organised on an annual basis. The events hosts approximately 300 concerts and features free events, late night sessions, ceilidhs and workshops which its visitors can take advantage of. The festival emphasises on traditional Celtic dances, so if you like dancing and you are looking for a new experience you should definitely attend the Celtic Connections. You can also use your time at the even as a way to relax from the demanding and tiresome relocation through which you recently went. But before you pack your bags and leave, make sure that you arrange all the details with the removal company that lent you a hand with your move.

Scotch Whisky Experience – Formerly known as The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, this touristy attraction is located in the Old Town of Edinburgh in Scotland. It lies in close proximity to the world famous Edinburgh Castle which is another landmark that you can visit during the winter and enjoy to the full. The Scotch Whisky Experience allows whisky aficionados to learn more about their favorite beverage and how it is manufactured. It also organises degustation sessions during which you can taste several types and scotch. The site was opened in 1988 and since then has become one of the city’s most interesting and adored places of interest, especially during the colder months of the year.

Thermae Bath Spa – This is the only natural hot spring in the entire United Kingdom and is located in the magnificent city of Bath in the southern parts of England. By choosing this option you will not only spoil your body with a nice spa procedure but you will also give yourself the unique opportunity to explore the city’s historic buildings and learn more about the time when Britain was ruled by the Romans. Bear in mind that Bath has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and will certainly allow you to recuperate your strength after your commercial or residential removal.

Other attractions in Britain that you can benefit during the winter:

  • Visit the Kirkstile Inn in the Late District one of Britain’s most celebrated public houses
  • Attend the Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival in Scotland
  • Learn how to make tasty homemade chocolate by attending classes at the Ashburton Cookery School
  • Visit one of London’s top notch traditional or international restaurants