The weather may be cold and unwelcoming during the winter but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy a trip to the United Kingdom. Here are several things and attractions that you cannot pleasantly experience in Britain during the winter season.

Eden ProjectEden Project: The Eden Project is a greenhouse that is located in Cornwall. The site was completed in 2000 and was officially opened to the public in 2001. It is housed in two biomes which are built from steel frames which are covered with hundreds of pentagonal and hexagonal, inflated plastic cells. The largest dome mimics the climatic features of a rainforest while the smaller replicated the Mediterranean environment. This means that while it may be cold outside, you will feel quite cozy and warm while you are exploring the numerous plans and flowers that are showcased at the site. Another greenhouse that you can visit during the English winter is Kew Gardens in London.

Celtic Connections – The first Celtic Connections festival was held during January, 1994 and since then it has been organised on an annual basis. The events hosts approximately 300 concerts and features free events, late night sessions, ceilidhs and workshops which its visitors can take advantage of. The festival emphasises on traditional Celtic dances, so if you like dancing and you are looking for a new experience you should definitely attend the Celtic Connections. You can also use your time at the even as a way to relax from the demanding and tiresome relocation through which you recently went. But before you pack your bags and leave, make sure that you arrange all the details with the removal company that lent you a hand with your move.

Scotch Whisky Experience – Formerly known as The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, this touristy attraction is located in the Old Town of Edinburgh in Scotland. It lies in close proximity to the world famous Edinburgh Castle which is another landmark that you can visit during the winter and enjoy to the full. The Scotch Whisky Experience allows whisky aficionados to learn more about their favorite beverage and how it is manufactured. It also organises degustation sessions during which you can taste several types and scotch. The site was opened in 1988 and since then has become one of the city’s most interesting and adored places of interest, especially during the colder months of the year.

Thermae Bath Spa – This is the only natural hot spring in the entire United Kingdom and is located in the magnificent city of Bath in the southern parts of England. By choosing this option you will not only spoil your body with a nice spa procedure but you will also give yourself the unique opportunity to explore the city’s historic buildings and learn more about the time when Britain was ruled by the Romans. Bear in mind that Bath has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and will certainly allow you to recuperate your strength after your commercial or residential removal.

Other attractions in Britain that you can benefit during the winter:

  • Visit the Kirkstile Inn in the Late District one of Britain’s most celebrated public houses
  • Attend the Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival in Scotland
  • Learn how to make tasty homemade chocolate by attending classes at the Ashburton Cookery School
  • Visit one of London’s top notch traditional or international restaurants