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A single item such as something heavy or bulky, or perhaps need a partial property removal like a student relocation or something similar. In such cases it would be uneconomical and impractical to engage lots of technical resources and manpower. We are well aware of this, and provide private and business customers with reliable and efficient small removal service, fit for various purposes and occasions. Whether it’s a new washing machine, wardrobe or filing cabinet and a couple of boxes of stationery, we will relocate your small items at a very good price, without any delays or risk of damage.

Small removals have never been simpler in London

  • Small RemovalsVersatile and efficient service – our small removals are ideal for quick removal of many items, and cover a multitude of purposes. Secure our small removal service for relocation of single items such as bulky pieces of furniture, heavy appliances like fridges, washing machines etc. All types of partial property removals such as single rooms, student removals. Also, fragile or high value belongings which need to be transported in uprigh­t position, without coming into contact with other cargo.
  • Quick and reliable removal and delivery – removals in London is not only versatile but also punctual and reliable. We will make sure that your item or items are picked up without any delays, and delivered intact at the requested time, or within the shortest time possible, depending on arrangements and personal requirements.
  • Safe handling and damage-free transportation – regardless of whether we are moving a single item, or the entire contents of a property, we take utmost care, and approach the job with precision as to avoid any mishaps, especially when dealing with high value items like artwork, antiques etc. Goods subject to removal will be packed and secured accordingly using high durability, industry grade supplies and materials which provide sufficient protection and prevent damage. Items will be fastened on board our removal vehicles in such way as to prevent spills and bumps in case of sudden braking or sharp turns as these are sometimes unavoidable in city traffic.
  • Affordable, no fuss service – as always, we aim to provide the best possible price, taking into consideration specs of the job and your individual budget needs. Our small removals service in London is fair priced and gives you genuine value for money in all instances. We quote individually and do not apply any hidden fees.

Single item removal to any part of London

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