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You have just sold your old television on e-bay and now you are wondering how you will have it delivered to its new owner? If you are facing this conundrum, keep calm and know that we are here to help you with your problem. We are professional and fully licensed movers and we provide a large array of removal services to our clients including E-bay deliveries in London.

We will deliver the items within the deadline

eBay DeliveryTo us it doesn’t matter whether you will be sending one or several items because our vans are large enough to fit almost any quantity of items. Also know that the goods will be delivered in time as we have equipped our vehicles with extremely accurate navigational systems that can find any address with the city and its surroundings. Last but not least, know that nothing bad will happen to the objects that you are shipping away as we have the vans with all necvessary safety features that keep everything in place and prevent bumps and falls during transit.

Don’t assume wrongly that you can use our E-bay deliveries only for sending items because it is not the case. You can also take advantage of this particular service to receive the objects that you have purchased from the auction website. The only thing that you have to do is to contact us and tell us from where we must pick the items and when we must deliver them to you. If you don’t have the address of the seller, just give us his telephone number and we will get in touch with him and arrange all the details regarding the collection of the objects that you have bought.

You can learn more about our London removal and E-bay delivery services by calling us during work hours. Our phone operators will gladly answer to all your questions and provide you your personalised free quote.