People imagine their dream home in different ways according to their world-view and personal preferences. One thing is certain though, no one is going to turn down an offer to move homes to some of those destinations:

  • Greek IslandsSome island in Greece. Now, the Greek islands have become synonymous with paradise with many people. What’s not to love – great climate, good food, and astonishing Mediterranean atmosphere. There is little room left to wonder why some of the richest people in the world buy mansions or whole islands here. When you start living in such a place, you forget about the world filled with hassle and stress, the dog-race and all the problems, because you have left all of that behind, on the mainland.
  • The Nordic countries. You are definitely going to love Sweden, Finland and Norway if you have no problem with the cold. Surely, the taxes here are much higher than one might be inclined to pay at first, but it all comes with great healthcare, astounding nature, infrastructure and much more. We are certain that there is no such thing as a perfect state, but if there was, it would be in Northern Europe.
  • South of France is the place where you will truly know what the good life is all about. Imagine a small villa in an even smaller village in the countryside. The good food and the good people (despite what they are all saying about the French). The coast would be near to you, and the work week is a mere 35 hours! France is a country with rich culture and long history that have influenced the way we think, work and live more than one can imagine. So you will definitely find a lot of pleasant surprises here!
  • For the younger and more adventurous individuals out there, we might recommend a city like Istanbul. The old Constantinople is like something straight out of a fairy-tale. The city has been the capital of two empires and continuous to be both a major tourist attraction and financial centre for these parts of the world. Built on a place where Europe and Asia meet, Istanbul is a mix of cultures and even ages that create a truly magical atmosphere you will be enamored with from the first step you take here. Not everyone can live here, that is for sure, but if you can, then you should not miss your chance at any expense.
  • Well, this is not so obvious, especially if you are already based out here, but living in London comes with a lot of benefits (property prices are not one of them though) – business, education and culture are all thriving here. One thing is certain – you will never be bored or left without opportunities while you are in London. And of course, when you come to think of it, despite the ungodly prices for rent and buying an apartment here, home removals are actually pretty easy and well accommodated.