In the past makeup artists mostly specialised in scenic makeup for all actresses, shows and telenovelas. Today there are different types of maquillage for specific occasions so the artists can be separated into directions, depending what they are good in, for example beauty makeup and cinema makeup. In order to be a professional artist you have to get a certificate from an academy.

Make upNowadays you can prepare at home before the learning course, because of the beauty vloggers on the Internet. They are usually people who already have experience in the field and they can give you very accurate advices and present you some techniques. A lot of young ladies are inspired by these videos and start practicing on themselves. The influence from these experts, who spare the time for explaining, can’t be bad, because they teach you how to avoid common mistakes in order to look prettier. Usually these vloggers have a real job as a makeup artist, so you can contact them if you need professional makeup for a special event. Lately the bridal makeup has become an essential part of the whole ceremony, due to the development of the digital camera. When you are at a photoshoot, there are a lot of lights and projectors, which means that your makeup has to make your face perfect for photos. Sometimes you look like a ghost on a photo but when you look in the mirror you seem to be flawless. The job of the makeup artist is to highlight and contour different areas of the face in order for you to look astonishing not only when you say ‘I do’ but also on your ‘memories’ in the album.

Makeup artists tend to have enormous collections of makeup and this is not because you need so many products to create a glam look but because they are obsessed in a positive way. Of course it is acceptable that when you work with a lot of people you need different shades of everything, but when you are satisfied with a product you want to buy more and more every day. Imagine what would happen if you need to move out of your workplace or home and there is a whole room full of makeup. You will need dozens of boxes to pack every palette, lighting and mirrors in bubble wrap, because they break easily. When you plan something like this, you may even need professional help, but not from your colleagues makeup artist but from removal company’s. If you spend so much money on beauty products, you don’t want to lose them.

Professional makeup artists are an important part of every fashion week, movie, TV show, they are part of your life, no matter whether you use their services or learn from them. They take care of your face which represents you and this is why celebrities have their own stylists and makeup artist. That’s the reason this is one of the highest payed crafts and professions of all.