Yes, yes, this is a topic that has been discussed widely throughout history of mankind or at least history of neighbours. We should agree straight away that there aren’t perfect neighbours and that sooner or later something will go wrong. And by that we mean that even if you do not confront them openly regarding something they will at least start doing the “little” things that you do not know about. Some of them are overhearing what you and your family discuss at dinner or in the yard, calling the police on you for disturbing the peace, not letting you build that fancy little tree-house in the yard as it will block their view and so on. But we shouldn’t be negative and this is why we must stay focused on the “good neighbour”part.

Things for which you can go to your neigbour

SuburbsIt is going to sound a little bit cynical but there are many “uses” for neighbours. The fellas that live next door can help you with a number of things when you are in need and you by all means shouldn’t pass on that. Sure, it is good if you only return the favour when you are asked but that’s a topic of another conversation. For now try to get as much as possible from them. You can ask them to help with:

  • Repairs
  • Renovation
  • Transportation

Most things concerning your house or yard many times require professional help. Let’s say you are looking to repaint the whole facade of your building. Well, that’s going to cost you and if you are on good terms with the people who live next to you, you can always go to them and kindly suggest that if they help you paint your house, you will enjoy a friendly barbecue in your back yard afterwards. If that doesn’t help – offer them money! No, don’t do that – it is a joke. More often than not they will agree to help expecting you to do the same later.

Another big thing is removals or moving services. Even if you aren’t leaving the house for good, refurnishing or renovating can become a pain if you do not have enough people included in the process. Instead of getting professional removal services you can go to your neighbours and again offer something in return for their help. You then should be able to carry all the heavy things and move them from A to B without the need to pay a ton of money. Of course some specific things are better left to companies who do domestic removals because many times you won’t know how to handle the good in question and you might break or damage something.

Let everybody bond together

The best way to become close with your neighbours are kids. Let children play and go to school together. The chemistry between them will soon transition to the adults and you will find yourself spending more time together with the other family.