People who live green are environmentally aware and they are living and working according to the green rules. Their goal is to reduce greenhouse gases, ensure proper waste removal, use biodegradable materials, save energy and resources, etc. But, when it comes to removal, there are also green ways to get the moving process done, form the beginning to the end. Check the following ideas and tips that will help you stay green during removal.

Less belongings, less wastage

Having less belongings to move means spending less time to move them. This seems obvious. However, this also means that you will spend less gas to do so. Therefore, before removal you should get rid of the things you don’t need or use anymore. Why would you bother to pack and move items you are not going to use anyway, which will eventually end up in the trash bin or elsewhere? So, you can sell some of the stuff, or donate to schools or shelters.

Use recycled cardboard boxes

Packing can be tricky. You need to organize and pack everything you own in the boxes. Using cardboard boxes is the best way to stay environmentally conscious. If you use recycled instead of the new ones, even better. Just be careful and use the ones that re in a good condition so you avoid any unexpected situations such as braking, damaging or scratching your items. Additionally you can rent recycled plastic boxes from the professional moving companies. Some companies rent these for a certain amount of money. When you are done with removal, all you need to do is return them and let someone else use it too. There is no waste.

Packing and protecting items

Carboard recyclingWhen packing precious belongings, especially fragile, people usually use bubble wrap for its various benefits. But, people who think green will avoid using bubble wrap, but will use other products they can reuse later on. They use blankets, old towels, sheets and other to pack and pad their belongings. These are made of natural products in comparison to bubble wrap that is made of petroleum products. If you are not sure what to use to pack or you do not have enough, find a reputable moving company that uses green practices during removal. Even if you find a regular one, your demands might push them to think greener and adopt green approach to their moving methods in order to ensure eco-friendly services for people who are environmentally aware.

Use biodegradable products

During and after removal use products and cleaners that can be composed. This ensures minimal waste that will protect the environment from toxic chemicals that pollute air, water, soil, etc. There are many biodegradable products in the stores. Moreover, you can make your own homemade natural cleaners and rest assured that you are doing your part to save our environment.

Just because you are moving doesn’t mean that our environment has to suffer. There are always ways to stay green, even during a chaotic process of moving. Everything we do counts. Just stay positive and green, too.