While we do not choose where to be born we have a lot more say in where we can live later when we are adults. Unfortunately even then many people do not decide themselves and have other factors determine the location of their settlement. Maybe only after retirement we can truly pick where to go. Since every person is different and there are many types of characters, there are also various cities in the world which offer us a number of things

Noisy people even as they get older are still pretty loud and lively. This does not necessarily mean that they will live in a large city but more often than not, this is the case. Move to a place such as Munich or Berlin if you are serious about your career and want to be somewhere densely populated. Another option is to go to Rio if you are fluent in Portuguese and love loudness. It is a great city to spend money and have fun but you should also watch out because the crime rates in Rio are alarming. It can be a dangerous place to have a house. If you look east then Tokyo is a buzzing place with many professional services and incredible business opportunities. Again the culture is different but you have the chance of making a name for yourself if you work with tenacity and respect.

Do not underestimate eastern European cities too

In Eastern Europe you can find cities which are a notch calmer than the ones above. While money is not great there, you can make a fine living if you manage to establish a well working business. Furniture sales are a great option while manual labour is not so handsomely rewarded. Driving a van, giving haircuts or performing domestic removals might not pay off as much as you would wish. These services are profitable in a larger city. Still at a place such as Bratislava or Belgrade you can visit many fun establishments, pubs and bars. The average monthly expenses for a relatively high standard life there will amount to about 1000 euro. Your rent will not be exceptionally high and if you decide to buy a flat or a house your monthly fees will be acceptable. Other popular cities are:

  • BucharestRio de Janeiro
  • Athens
  • Sofia
  • Nis

Believe it or not a laid back town or village might end up costing more. Of course we are not talking about going to a village in east Poland. Usually little towns with rich history are attractive to people looking for parks, green areas, old ruins and relaxing streets. That is all great but many times properties cost a lot in such communities. If you wish to be surrounded by history you must pay up. Yes, you will be rarely bothered and can spend all day on the bank by the river without talking to anyone. If your town is a tourist destination, however, be ready for a lot of noise and pollution during the strong season. This Polish village does not sound all bad all of a sudden, does it?