Let’s start off by saying that unless you absolutely have to, it is highly recommended that you postpone your home relocation for after the winter is gone. In those cases when this proves impossible, here are several simple things that you can do in order to make sure that the process goes as smoothly and successfully as you hope for.

  • Professional MoversStay in touch with the removals company that you have contacted to help you with the relocation at all times. Explain the situation. Due to poor weather conditions it might turn out that your moving day should be postponed or carried out ahead of schedule. In any case, make sure that you have movers you can trust who will give you the best advice how to proceed in the given situation.
  • Make sure that the place you are moving in is ready to receive you. Problems with the heating and other utilities are always unpleasant, but they might be devastating in case you are moving during the winter months. Make sure that the place is well heated, there is internet access, the water is running etc. You might have to put a little more effort into all of this, but trust us, that is the only right way to proceed in the given situation.
  • Consider, instead of moving all your things to your new place, to put them away in storage for the time being. Your removal company will help you arrange long or short term storage in a clean facility, and even move your goods there. Thus the actual home move would take up much less time and resources, and you will be able to finish up with the unpacking and settling down at your new home faster. Remember that is what you are after here – completing the project as quickly as possible, so that you do not have much to worry about.
  • Check out the insulation at your new place before you move in. You should make sure that your new home is energy efficient for a number of reasons. First this will have a good effect on your family budget, because energy efficiency means lower utility bills. Second, since you are just moving in, the better the insulation, the quicker the place will be warmed up.
  • Start packing and preparing sooner. It is always better to commence packing of your goods at least a month before the actual removal, but in case of winter home moving, you will have so many additional tasks to handle and problems to think about that it would definitely be better if you have some time set aside for handling those. So the sooner you start working, the better. Remember the general rules of packing – pack a room at a time and move on to the next one only after you are finished with the current, and always put labels with the contents of the boxes. Make no compromises with the quality of the supplies. Get double walled removal boxes, because if they get wet (and they are likely to), the regular ones will create quite a problem.