Travelling is good for the soul. Living in a new, exciting country is too. It is not said that you should plan a big home removal to a foreign country now. It would be more than enough to pick up a nice travelling destination for the upcoming summer.

Summer is the best time of the year to travel because:

  • Most people take vacations at that time
  • The weather is nice
  • It is just in the spirit of the season

Now, instead of spending the days that you are free of work on the couch or visiting the same place you have gone for the past ten years, pick up a more exotic place. Travelling abroad is not that expensive in the age of low cost flies and AirBnB, especially if you plan your journey several months in advance.

Here are our offers for best travelling destinations in the upcoming summer:

  • Pamplona, Spain

PamplonaImmortalized in the classic novel by Earnest Hemmingway “The Sun Also Rises. Fiesta”, Pamplona is one of the most interesting places in northern Spain. The city is the historical capital of the Kingdom of Navarre but today it is most famous around the world for the running of the bulls during the San Fermín festival, which is traditionally held between July 6 and 14. It is the  time when you simply want to be in Pamplona.

  • The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

If you want beautiful beaches, friendly people, great nature and food at a cost, then coming to the Dalmatian coast of Croatia to spend your summer vacation might be the wisest thing to do. There are many cities, towns and smaller villages here for you to choose from, and you will definitely find accommodations up to your standards and liking. The coast, traditionally known as the Italy of the Balkans, is characterized by typically Italian architecture and the many islands along the shore that spot the waters much like the spots of the eponymous dog breed. It is really a captivating place.

  • Istanbul, Turkey

Well, Istanbul, the old capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire after that is known as the top tourist destination in the world in the past decade or so. Over twenty million people visit the city on an annual basis since the beginning of the 21st century and their number is constantly rising. There are good reasons for that – nice hotels, good food, reasonable prices and of course thousands of place to visit – from Hagia Sofia to the bohemian district of Pera, Istanbul is perfect for both seasoned travelers looking for adventures and first-time adventurers. The city is like a scene from A thousand and one nights, but it has enough stories to fill even more nights.

These are of course only a few suggestions. Feel free to spin the globe, stop it with a finger and go to the place that you have spotted there. This is how most of the great adventures begin.