Before industrialisation of manufacturing, beds were made without any specific size or dimensions. Back then there were no standardised bedframe or mattress sizes and bedding was made according to what people needed and could afford. Nowadays, things have changed quite a bit, and most countries have their own set of standard bed and mattress sizes. However there are a number of bed and mattress sizes which are considered universal in most regions of the world. This means that universal bed sizes can be purchased outright from manufacturers and retailers without any additional customisation. Bespoke bedding is also available from many manufacturers, including in Great Britain.

Bed sizes explained

BedframeUsually the size of a standard bed is based on the measurements of a standard mattress (its size). The standard sized bed or mattress is likely to vary from country to country. In some parts of the world, the size of the bed/mattress is also determined by the particular type of bedframe and its level of ornamentation. The technical terminology describing bed and mattress size also varies from region to region so some types of beds can only be found in certain countries. Another specific of bedding size in different regions of the world are the actual dimensions of the mattress itself. There is a tolerance for deviation in standard mattress size depending on the amount of padding and type of support used by the manufacturer. Mattress thickness is another dimension which sets bed sizes apart, some countries do include the thickness of a mattress in bed sizing, while others do not include this measurement when determining a bed’s size. When choosing or determining bed sizes, the dimensions of the actual bed frame must also be factored in. A bedframe is almost always larger than the mattress it needs to accommodate. This provides for better structural rigidity and may also play a role in bed aesthetics (provides for a more appealing bedding design).

Importance of bed sizes

It is important to consider bed sizes and be aware of correct mattress and bedframe dimensions. There are many cases where knowing the correct bed size is very important such as bedroom interior design, property removals, fitting new mattress over existing bedframe etc. In the case of property removals, being aware of the correct bed size will facilitate a swifter and more efficient relocation. If you are unsure about what size bed you need to relocate, consult with your selected removal company in London for advice on size and adequate means of transportation.

In order to better understand bed sizes, first of all make sure you are getting familiar with the correct standard sizes for particular country or region and keep in mind that even sizes’ names might match their dimensions may vary. Below are listed the standard dimensions of beds in the United Kingdom.

Bed SizeDimensions
Small Single75cm x 190cm
Single90cm x 190cm
Small Double120cm x 190cm
Double135cm x 190cm
King Size150cm x 200cm
Super King size180cm x 200cm